Saturday, 9 December 2017


Pizato is a FREE social app available for android smartphones. It lets you create two separate personal & professional profiles on one platform- no mess, no hindrance in one another. Its all in one social app that lets you interact, socialize and communicate with the world. New social activities like debate, photos & videos, favourites, chats and much more to explore!


• Create personal PROFILE and get your social corner to upload videos, photos, profile 
picture, status etc.

• Restrict access of your uploaded images and videos to your contacts or to the whole world, as you wish.

• Know FAVOURITES of others and share your FAVOURITES to let others know you closer and deeper.

• Pizato BOOK corner for aspiring writers! Upload your writeups in pdf format and sell/rent them to earn.

• CHAT with the contacts on your phone.

• Upload images and videos or write something in NEWSOME section and get it displayed to the whole world publicly.

• REMARK daily on your friends’ profile and get exciting remarks in turn.


• Chat with the world- To openly chat with the Pizato users around the world. Chat with unknown and new people and socialize more.

• Debate- Pizato gives a daily topic to debate. Participate in the debate, choose your side and openly debate on the topic ,putting your opinion forth.

• App Story- Daily 10 new Pizato users are chosen randomly. Each one gets to write a line , subsequently making a beautiful trail of story. Enjoy making funny stories together.

• Probs n Sols- Any problem related to career, life or personal problems and you are hesitant to ask someone, then this section is suitable for you. Ask any question anonymously and get solutions from others without names being displayed. So no hesitance or shame.

• Let’s Draw- Paint your thoughts in this section and get it displayed on Pizato’s virtual exhibits. Daily create a new art and earn appreciation from others.


• Create professional PROFILE to get connected with your workgroup worldwide.

• Design your virtual RESUME including your job, qualification, achievements, interests, strengths etc. and you may get recruited by a reputed organisation!

• Automatically created WORKGROUP that connects you with your co-workers worldwide.

• Share your professional moments through photos in GALLERY.

• SEARCH anyone on professional pizato and socialize more.

• NOTIFY anyone with an urgency message on his profile, with priority rating from 1-10 and it would be displayed on his/her profile likewise.

• Professional CHAT to be in touch with co-workers and share important messages.

Download the app and join Pizato today, to live your social life to its fullest.


(Available in India Only)

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